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Please remember in order to receive a high point or reserve class award at the end of the show season, the horse and rider combination must have the highest points, as well as, have exhibited in the class at 8 or more shows. If the high point or reserve horse and rider combination does not have 8 or more shows in the class, the award goes to the horse and rider combination that is the next highest point earner who does have 8 or more shows in the class.
Click HERE to view point classes by each Division:halter, gaited, pony, western, english, and timed events. Overall buckles will be awarded to the exhibitor who has received the most points in that division for the entire show season.
The Point Book is an Excel file in which the sheets are arranged according to the Class Sheet. Select the sheet tabs at the bottom of the workbook to move between classes.
 This is a PDF document of the Rules and Regulations of the West Alabama Horseman Association as of
March 2017.
WAHA Class Sheet
 This is a PDF document of the Standardized Class Sheet for West Alabama Horseman Association.
Go to AOHA website.
Please remember in order to qualify for the AOHA State Championship Horse Show a horse and rider combination must exhibit in 8 or more shows in each class they wish to compete in at AOHA. Please follow link above to visit the AOHA website for additional rules and information.
Points updated as of horse show on:  2018

Please check the spelling of horse and rider names.
If any corrections need to be made please contact
Tina Horton, Point Secretary. Thanks!
The highlighted green shows the exhibitors that have qualified to go to State.

August 31, September 1 - 2, 2018
Alabama Open Horseman Association
State Championship Horse Show